Azienda Agrituristica Cappellese

Località Cappellese 68
57016 Rosignano Marittimo
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In a small village on the beautiful hills of Livorno, inside the Camaiano Cultural Park in Castelnuovo della Misericordia, surrounded by the green of the Mediterranean maquis, the Cappellese farm and agri-tourism company extends for about 72 hectares.

The farm's production is obtained according to the "agri-environmental measure" regulation.
The three hundred olive trees on the farm produce an excellent oil which has been classified as IGP by the Tuscan oil consortium and which can be purchased directly from the farm, as can the "Camaiano" wine and our special vegetable jams which go divinely well with cheeses of varying ages, but also, surprisingly, with desserts...

The family farmhouse dates back to the second half of the 17th century and the two young cousins, Marco and Fabiana, have decided to renovate it and turn it into a holiday farmhouse respecting, where possible, the original characteristics.
The stones used in the construction of the farmhouse are even older, dating back to the original construction of the village (Roman era).

In the structure you can stay in rooms or in a flat.  Coming here means choosing familiarity and tranquillity, easily reaching the most important cities of art, just a step away from the sea: free or equipped beach, with sand or rocks, pinewoods and wk surf schools.

There is ample outdoor space for relax and in the summer a swim in the swimming pool in a panoramic position makes you appreciate the beautiful valley even more!

They organise lunches, dinners and snacks on reservation.

It is also an educational farm, recognised by the Region of Tuscany, for schools of all levels.

The donkey Arturo and Belinda, his sheep friend, keep you company. And more: turkeys, quails, ducks, mallards, chickens...


Educational Farm

Educational Farm



Farmhouse With Restaurant

Farmhouse With Restaurant

Olive growing

Olive growing



Cereal growing

Cereal growing



"If you want to save knowledge and make it travel through time, entrust it to children."

... This is why the owners have made the company and their passion available to them by becoming an EDUCATIONAL FARM.

Children hold the world of the future in their hands, they believe it is fundamental to give them an opportunity for knowledge and awareness.

The objectives to be achieved with this project are:

  • To introduce children to the countryside by bringing them back to the simplicity and authenticity of life.
  • To learn to know and, above all, respect the rhythms of nature; to educate them in conscious consumption and the seasonality of products, avoiding waste and valuing the recovery of the territory.
  • Acquire an ecological conscience
  • Enhancing the importance and social role of agriculture
  • Understanding the journey of food from field to table
  • To express one's creativity
  • Promote and develop an eco-sustainable economy in our valleys.

The duration of the projects can be a few hours or a whole day, staying to eat in the farm.

On the farm, it is also possible to take guided tours to discover:

  • Old tools related to the work carried out on the farm, the carpenter, the shoemaker, cereal processing and women's work.
  •  means and machines of modern farm work
  • The aromatic garden
  • Our companions: the animals!


Opening period: n. 270 days, from 15 February to 12 November

Art. 14: no. 150 days

Art. 15: 180 days

Art. 16: n. 20 events promoting PGI oil

Administration: 18+30 educational activities

Total number of beds: 30

Beds in rooms: 18

Beds in residential units: 5

Educational farm: yes

Swimming pool: yes













Jams and marmelades




Olive oil

Wine, olive oil and jams.

How to reach us

If you arrive from the NORTH

Exit for Rosignano on the A12, continue on the SS1 AURELIA in the direction of Livorno, exit at Rosignano Solvay, follow the signs for Castelnuovo della Misericordia. From here drive 4 km in the direction of Gabbro.

If you arrive from the SOUTH

Exit Rosignano Solvay of the variant SS1 Aurelia follow the signs for Castelnuovo della Misericordia.
From here drive 4 km in the direction of Gabbro.

Direct sales

Direct sale of wine, oil, jams and vegetables on the farm.