Apicoltura Fior Da Fiore

Via G. Boldini, 41
57016 Rosignano Marittimo
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Fior da Fiore is a small farm born out of love for nature and the desire to do something concrete to safeguard biological diversity. The apiaries are located in uncontaminated and carefully chosen places between the coast of the high Tuscan Maremma and the Lunigiana Apennines. They are a family of beekeepers, Simona, Stefano and their two daughters Amelia and Miranda. They practice nomadic beekeeping, raising bees organically, following the blooms from the sea to the mountains.

Honey and Hive Products

They collect organic honey, pollen and propolis, and in January 2016 they started a new adventure by moving to the Livorno coast to increase their production capacity and improve the quality of the products they collect.  All their honeys are collected in areas chosen with the utmost care and whose flora has particularities that make them unmistakable, fully reflecting the peculiarities and flavours of the places themselves. This is how their Millefiori from Monte Voltraio, Lunigiana and Castellina Marittima honeys, Rovo and Sulla honeys from the upper Maremma, Erica from Fortullino and Tiglio honeys from Versilia, Chestnut and Acacia honeys from Lunigiana come into being.

Apiaries and families

Their apiaries are located in uncontaminated places and they are always looking for new locations. The locations are chosen on the basis of distance from polluting sources and specific natural characteristics and harvest varieties. A great deal of work is done on the spring wildflowers, which in fact represent the very essence of the places where they are harvested. Their families are all reared organically and follow their natural rhythms to the full, without any forcing. Only wax from their own production is used in their hives, so as to guarantee its origin and maintain the health of their families. Each year new nuclei of bees are produced and the queens are selected according to the characteristics that most closely resemble the Ligustica breed, meekness, harvesting capacity and above all a good relationship and balance between brood and stocks. This selection, together with attention to natural rhythms and times, often makes winter feeding unnecessary and ensures that the families recover well in the spring.




Educational Farm

Educational Farm




From spring to autumn, visits to the apiary can be organised and you can participate in activities with the bees. Meetings are also organised with schools and purchasing groups to introduce them to the beekeeping profession and the wonderful world of bees.

Children, Bees and Nature

The natural way in which children, especially the youngest, deal with animals has convinced us that they too can take an active part in visiting beehives and opening hives during normal apiary work.  This is why the project includes the creation of an apiary that is easily accessible to all children, where they can be shown the complex and beautiful world of our bee families. Children and other visitors will also be taken on a walk to show them the bees at harvest time and the main varieties of plants and flowers from which they draw nectar, pollen, honeydew and propolis. In the near future, a workshop will be set up where it will be possible to observe the honey extraction process and a small workshop where bees can be repaired, painted, prepare the hives and working with the wax.







Good, genuine and totally natural honey, unfiltered and unpasteurised. They also collect and sell pollen, propolis and beeswax. The products from their hives have always been certified organic.


Every spring, with reservations from the previous year, organically certified bee nuclei are available on 5 covered bee frames, two stock and three brood frames. Queen wintered and treated against varroa, ready for harvest.

How to reach us

Direct sales

Direct sale on the farm and presence at the Cecina farmer's market

  • Location: Cecina

Every third Saturday of every month, throughout the year, the traditional Farmer's Market takes place in Cecina.

It will be possible to taste and buy all the best agricultural products of the area, all strictly organic, including Marina's vegetables, Josef's apples and Brunella and Olmo's fine Cinta Senese meat...