Agriturismo Pane e Vino

Località Pane E Vino, 237
57016 Rosignano Marittimo
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Pane e Vino means relax and fun, regenerating in the heart of the Tuscan countryside. Enjoy a cool swimming pool but also sunbathing on the sun terrace equipped with every comfort.

Even the little ones will have fun with the farm animals and the lovely playground set up in the farmhouse garden.

The sweet relax of a farm surrounded by the Livorno hills.

Sabina and Gino, companions in life and work, share a passion for country life, far from the chaos of the city and with the spirit of those who choose a life of tranquillity, but also of dedication to the land and animals.

Services available that pamper us from breakfast to half board or full board on request, with a traditional and very simple cuisine that uses the products of the farm and the seasons.

All of this is done with full respect for the environment, which has allowed Gino and Sabina to present an organic farm, which aims to create food-safe crops and livestock.

In addition, our youngest guests can enjoy being in contact with the animals in the farm: the donkey, the horses, the goats, the sheep and Piggy the pig.

Flats for every need, also equipped for people with disabilities, available all year- round and where you can spend a healthy life in the open air to our four-legged friends.




Educational Farm

Educational Farm

Olive growing

Olive growing



Farmhouse With Restaurant

Farmhouse With Restaurant


A holiday in close contact with nature and Tuscan traditions

Organic: a way of life

In line with the principles that have led to the choice of a life devoted to well-being, the farm is also influenced by this philosophy of life.

Crops are grown according to the dictates of nature and healthiness.

Only natural products are used in the treatment of the crops, avoiding any intervention with chemical substances.

With a little organisation and by listening to the advice of the elders on how to treat the land and the crops, it is possible to obtain healthy, totally organic products.

Holiday flats

The farmhouse has eight flats in a typical rustic setting, available all year- round and also equipped persons with disabilities, where you can bring your four-legged friends.

Among the comforts offered by the structure you will find: a swimming pool with a panoramic view of the hills and a comfortable solarium.

Numerous paths and trails will allow you to take relaxing walks or mountain bike rides in the countryside and through the woods of our hills.

Educational farm in Rosignano - Livorno

Pleasant didactic activities for elementary and nursery schools

Since 1997 they have been qualified as an Educational Farm and organise unique courses for both children and adults.

The farm is home to numerous animals including: sheep, goats and pigs.

Sabina and Gino, the owners, accompany children and young people to observe the animals up close.

The farm also produces vegetables and organic extra virgin olive oil.

Sabina and Gino show schoolchildren the interchange between these two activities, teaching children and young people about the close relationship between farm animals and the olive grove, between the henhouse and the vegetable garden.

Teaching laboratory

The teaching laboratory at the Educational Farm is equipped with several looms, a carding machine, a spinning wheel and everything needed to transform sheared sheep's wool into finished fabric.

Participants are taught to work independently on a hand loom, to enter the world of yarns and fabrics, and to move from designing to making garments for clothing and furnishing.

The therapeutic benefits of this creative experience have long been recognised and help to achieve a healthier and more stimulating life even in the city.

Classes are held in both Italian and German.

The ancient but now more than ever "modern" craft is developed in comfortable courses that take up part of the day, leaving time available to live the holiday in freedom.



Opening period: from February 14th to January 15th

Art. 14: 45

Administration: 30

Total number of bed: 24

Beds in residential units: 24

Educational farm: yes

Swimming pool: yes



Jams and marmelades








Olive oil

The biological extra virgin olive oil originated in 1994 when an olive grove made up of mixed cultivars was planted: 
Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino, Pendolino.

The olives are followed during their ripening until, when they are ready, the harvesting begins, strictly by hand and carefully and quickly to prevent the ripening from going too far, so as to keep the acidity low and the aromas and scents alive.

Within three days the olives are taken to the oil mill, which is careful to follow the biological method.  Acidity 0.2%. Checks carried out by the certifying body for polluting agents have always given negative results.

How to reach us

Follow the egg

The Egg has been for years the symbol, the sign, of the farm that predominated with large extensions, in this area until 50 years ago.

It was built on the side towards Rosignano along the Via Emilia, to show the point of sale of products that could be purchased directly on site, eggs, poultry, whole pigs or parts, cows, vegetables, etc., all that was grown and bred.

For the owners has always been an excellent indication for those who had to find the farmhouse and it is still given its size, is in fact about 4 meters high and more than the signs that are on the highway, is an important reference point.

So in order to reach the farm go in search of the Egg.

Direct sales

Direct sale of organic extra virgin olive oil, jams and seasonal vegetables.