Agriturismo Alberelli

Località SP del Vaiolo 11 Alberelli, 63
57016 Rosignano Marittimo
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Sara and Nicola, the owners of Agriturismo Alberelli in Nibbiaia (Livorno, Tuscany) started their adventure on the Alberelli farm with the idea of living and raising their children in the countryside.

They took over the management of the farm in May 2010 and before thet lived for eight years in Guatemala, where they cooperated with some indigenous communities through development projects.

Sara was born in Italy, and after years spent in Florence, Spain and Guatemala, she decided to pursue a life project with Nicola based on contact with nature and all its shades.

Nicola, a lover of travel, manual skills, art and experimentation can spend hours creating a piece of furniture, painting a picture or creating sculptures.

Together they share a love of travel, new adventures, company, good food and wine and above all their two beautiful children, Isola and Leone.


Olive growing

Olive growing



Cereal growing

Cereal growing


At Agriturismo Alberelli we live in complete harmony with nature, respecting its time. The owners have therefore conceived the farm, the structures and the activities, following this principle. All their choices are bound by the nature that surrounds them and they try to reduce the impact on it to a minimum:

  • The flats, precisely because of its ancient origin, have thick walls, allowing them to always have cool rooms during the summer, so they do not need air conditioning.
  • The lawns that surround them are made to grow following the passing of the seasons, giving you their different colours every season.
  • The crops are irrigated by recycling rainwater.
  • They practice careful waste separation on a daily basis.
  • By choice, they have not built a swimming pool to preserve the beauty and tranquillity of this place. They also decided not to build a swimming pool because of its proximity to the sea.
  • They have decided to do without televisions because they believe that this is the only way to truly relax and live in the rhythm of nature.
  • All these values were necessary for them to start an eco-sustainable project.

The farmhouse has been built and renovated respecting the typical architecture of the Tuscan countryside, taking into account the environment. 



Opening period: n. 335 days

Total number of beds: 24

Beds in residential units: 24

Swimming pool:no





Wild herbs


Olive oil

The vegetable garden

At Agriturismo Alberelli you can savour the taste of growing, harvesting and eating organic vegetables. The vegetable garden has always been part of the country tradition that our grandparents have handed down to us and we have treasured it, without losing sight of the new methodologies. Throughout the year you can enjoy fresh seasonal vegetables and turn them into tasty recipes.

The wheat

For some years now, at Agriturismo Alberelli we have been committed to reproducing seeds of ancient qualities of wheat, becoming custodian growers. These seeds serve to keep alive the great heritage that the immense biodiversity of grains represents.

The Oil

The olive groves of Agriturismo Alberelli produce olives of typical Tuscan varieties such as Frantoio, Moraiolo, Pendolino and Leccino.

For years, between October and November, we have been transforming these varieties into Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The excellent quality of the soil and the absolutely organic fertilisation give the Alberelli Oil a fruity fragrance, unforgettable aromas and a wealth of nutrients.

The artisanal care of the olive trees, the hand-harvesting of the olives with the aid of nets and the pressing carried out day after day, with cold milling, represent the love and passion for this ancient tradition and make Alberelli Oil unique, with high organoleptic qualities and a low acid content.

Like all genuine products, our oil may have a slight sedimentation; this simply testifies to the naturalness of the processing method.

How to reach us

Direct sales

Direct sale of extra virgin olive oil.