The site has been built according to the WCAG 2.0 guidelines (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, Version 2.0, Level AA).

The accessibility rules provide that information and the services offered in the web pages are also accessible to disabled people to computing tools, regardless of operating system, navigation tools, browser settings and regardless of the connection speed that you have.

Standards Compliance

The pages of the site were made in accordance with standards issued by the W3C, and are verifiable through the validator available at


In addition to the normal display with dark characters on a light background, it was prepared a style sheet to "high contrast", which is activated via a link at the top right of the page.

Assistance to navigation

In all pages of the site, it is present in the same position (top) the horizontal navigation menu that indicates the user's location within the site structure and the title of the page where the user is located. The indication is hypertext, and with a simple click on the text of the navigation menu, you can reach the previous level.

All hyperlinks are accessible and can be activated through the use of the keyboard.

Access Keys

To simplify navigation were inserted shortcuts (ACCESSKEY) that allow you to quickly jump to the navigation menu:

  • [ Alt + A ] Home
  • [ Alt + B ] How to arrive
  • [ Alt + C ] Territory
  • [ Alt + K ] Accomodation
  • [ Alt + L ] Foodservice

The combination of keys to access Accesskey varies from browser (navigation software) used:

  • Windows Browsers: Shift + Alt + [the accesskey] (The Shift key is optional in some browsers)
  • Mac Browsers: control + option + [the accesskey]


They not have been used markers around the page to define the characteristics of the text or background but has use of CSS style sheets for the graphic effects. In addition, the pages are designed so that they can be read even when the style sheets are disabled or not supported.

In this site they are not used frames and objects or flashing messages have been avoided which can cause disturbances to the concentration or assistive technologies.

It has been verified a sufficient color contrast between text and background and has been ascertained a functionality equal in case of absence of the color used.


All links are made using recognizable textual elements. They were also provided with a description of the link destination through the TITLE attribute.


For every non-text has been provided alternative text (ALT attribute) to perform the function performed by the object in the specific context.

Check with different browsers

The site's pages are liquid layout, that is, they do not have a default width but they fit the browser window.

The pages of this site have been verified using the most used browser on the main navigation devices (PCs, smartphones and tablets).

Font size

All texts can be enlarged or shrunk using the functionality of your browser or links (a-, A +) located at the top right.

In this site are not provided for related functions to defined time intervals within which to perform certain actions.

Accessibility is evolving

Accessibility is a process that continues over time. Making a site accessible means working for its improvement by removing the obstacles that arise from time to time.

The tools used to check the formal correctness of the site code does not automatically ensure usability and accessibility, it is also always necessary to control by an operator.

Despite the care taken in designing the site and the many tests conducted you can not be excluded with certainty that some pages are without our knowledge still inaccessible to some users. In this case we apologize now and please report detected irregularities in order to allow us to eliminate it as soon as possible clicking here

For the verification of accessibility, according to the WCAG 2.0 guidelines we have used the international automatic verification tool available at the following address